When your best isn’t good enough and you are so grateful for it!

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When you get in your quiet space and really take some time to reflect on where you are right now in this moment in time in your life, do you ever just get so overwhelmed with gratitude because you know that it wasn’t you?

You know that you, you used to be, would not be here if it were left to you and you alone. When you think about it further you are reminded how different you are today than you were a few months ago, a year ago, five years ago.

You are so proud of you. No one else on this earth knows the depth of change that has happened in your heart, in your mind, how you think about yourself and how you see challenges differently now. How you look at the world differently now. How you dream differently now.

You think about it and you smile. Maybe even a soft tear or two stream down your face as you are simply just so very grateful. The gratitude you feel brings such simplistic joy.

This was me this morning. Last January I was so broken. Just crushed. Again, yes. Again. But such is life, right. Some very wise counsel once shared me, that their experience was that God will keep taking you back through the same lessons until you learn from them. Of course, she was right.

You know, sometimes I think that we can be so deeply fractured in an area emotionally that we don’t really understand how expansive it actually is until we are impacted by it in a bit of a different way than in the past. Then we find ourselves in a place where we have to do the emotional work to search that out because we are so undone that we have no other choice.

Hopefully you do have good Christian wise counsel to help you understand your feelings and the choices that you made which brought you to the place of broken again.

I found a great Christian counselor that was able to help me walk through all those steps. She helped me connect the dots back to why I made those choices and gave me some tools to help guide me in the direction of healing. Some of those tools were to help me learn healthy boundaries. Some of those tools were to help me make different choices and follow through with different actions so that I could be healthy. So that I could move forward in a positive direction.

Sometimes it can be the most innocent of things that can turn your world upside down when they become just a bit off track, just a bit here and a bit there and then you don’t know if you will be okay or not. You just don’t know.

If this is you. If you can relate to anything I have shared. KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE OKAY!! It will not always hurt as bad as it does today.

It is normal to hurt. It is normal to have the feelings you are having. And it is so normal to ask for help when you know you need it. It is okay to know that you cannot do some things on your own. Especially when it comes to trying to navigate heartbreak and loss. It does not mean that you don’t love The Lord. It does not mean that you aren’t trusting Him to take care of you.

It means that life is H.A.R.D. and we all have things in our life that impact us is so many ways that we don’t realize until it smacks us in the face and we just about can’t function because we are so overwhelmed with emotion.

It does not mean that you are not strong. It takes tremendous strength to admit that you need help figuring out how to heal so that you can move forward. So that you can be okay.

That my friend is tremendous strength!!

This morning I am grateful that I found a Christian counselor that continuously pointed me back to Jesus. Over and over in the middle of all the practical tools and emotional conversations – she continuously pointed me back to Jesus.

“He is first in your heart, in your life, in your everything. You run to Jesus to talk to Him when you’re sad and heartbroken. You run to Jesus when you’re upset because someone hurt your feelings or was mean to you. You run to Jesus to tell Him all about the stuff first – then we will talk about it in our sessions. Then we will talk about the who, what’s and whys, and talk through some practical applications for moving forward. But, you talk to Jesus, you read His word. Jesus is the first and foremost relationship you need to be worrying about.”

THAT was how our sessions would go. I am so grateful and blessed that He allowed me to find that specific counselor that pointed me back to Him over and over again. I know it was not by coincidence that she was the one I picked off the list to reach out to.

He is so good for our hearts, y’all. He is. He is good. He is loving. And He will take us just how we are.. all messed up and broken or all put together. He doesn’t have a preference. He just want us to come to Him. He will take care of fixing us. Healing our hearts and making us brand new.

Then one day, you will have a quiet moment of reflection and you’ll be so overwhelmed with gratitude. Thankful that Jesus was right there with you every step of the way and you didn’t have to do it alone.

You will love the you you are today.

You will be astounded at the things you are capable of.

You will be amazed at how far you have come. You will be proud of you.

You will know… your best just wasn’t going to be good enough… you needed Jesus.

Jesus takes our best and turns it into something we cannot even imagine!!

Through HIm.. we are more than enough, we are enough through Him.

Much Love ❤️


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