The most important relationship you will ever have is the one that you either do or don’t have with Jesus.

Know that you can open your heart to Him just as you are. We don’t have to try to be different or wait until we have stopped this or changed that. He meets us right where we are.

It is only a simple heart felt prayer asking Him to come into your heart and save you, ask Him to forgive you, and let Him know that you want to get to know Him in a way that is authentic and real.

Jesus wants nothing more than to be in relationship with you. He really does love you like nobody else ever will be able to.

I created this page to share the realness of Jesus that I have experienced in my life. To share God’s truths I have grown into as I have worked through the loss of my late husband, my mom, a challenging childhood, and loss of significant friendships.

It will not always hurt as bad as it does today and you will be more than okay again.

We can find joy in Christ, again and again and again!!

We can find our security in Him!!

He can make us whole if we allow Him too!!