What No One Will Tell You About Broken Hearts but You Need to Know

A broken heart can present itself to us in many different ways. It can come in like a raging storm with all the theatrics of heated tempers and words that pierce; never to be forgotten. It can come like a gentle rain with a tenderness that crumbles you with one word spoken; leaving you in complete despair.

A heartbreak of my own

I remember the gentle words of the ICU doctor that came to me when there was no hope left for Mark. His body was consumed with infection and was shutting down. After such a hard fight he was coming to rest one portion at a time. He had fought an unimaginable war within himself for months; he was so worn. I know he was ready for rest. While the doctor’s words were soft and kind; they completely shattered all that was within me.

I retreated to a distant corner and simply sat in the floor, tightly wrapped my arms around my shoulders and wept the most heart wrenching tears I had ever experienced in my life.

God was supposed to heal Mark for me. I believed with all of my heart that He would but He did not.

Why would God take Mark away from me. Why would He take Mark away from our boys, from his mom and his sisters, and his friends.

What was I going to do without him. What would our boys do without him. What would all of us do without our Mark.

The feeling of heartbreak and despair was uncontrollable and left me just simply broken.

The heartbreaks you and I experience are neither better nor worse than someone else’s heartbreaks they just look different.

Your heartbreak may look different than mine. It may be in the loss of a friendship or a job. It may be in the disappointment of a dream that didn’t come true or something once had but no more.

I am of the opinion that one loss is not better to have experienced than another but they are all different and could have just as much of a significant impact on one person’s life as another.

If you find yourself in a place of brokenness you need to know that it will NOT always hurt as bad as it does today. That pain that feels like it is suffocating all that you are; it will become more tolerable as you process through the circumstances and lean into the reality of what your life is post-loss.

More often than not you may discover that not only does your life or circumstances change after heartbreak but so do you.

In my experience, I have found that it is almost inevitable. You may have to change how you think, your perspective, … etc .in order to figure out how to survive, how to move forward ..and before you can even begin to take those steps – you HAVE to grieve.

Grief can change you. It can change how you think. It can change how you process information. Grief will change your perspective.

Whatever the cause of your broken heart:

Know that what you are feeling is normal.

Know that it is okay to grieve. Let those tears flow.

Know that you cannot rush it. It takes time and that may look different for each and every one.

Know that you are not alone. Know that Jesus is with you. Talk to Him just like He is there.

Much Love ♥️


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